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Thai Christmas Traditions

There aren’t many things that reach all over the world but Christmas is one of them. In some way or another, people all over the world know about Christmas, whether they celebrate it or not. For some Christmas is about religion and for others it’s a time to come together and give and receive gifts with friends and loved ones. But what happens in Thailand? Do they even celebrate Christmas?

Thailand is primarily a Buddhist country, with around 85 percent of its population following the religion. As such, Christmas is not a traditional holiday in Thailand, however, in recent years, some festive cheer can be felt in the countries capital, Bangkok. Thailand differs in their Christmas celebrations or it could be said that the Christmas Celebrations in Thailand vary from the rest of the world in the sense that 25th December is not the recognised as a holiday by this country

December marks the month of the King of Thailand’s birthday, so the streets are already illuminated with decorations, adding to the festive feel. On top of these celebratory lights, the shopping areas of the city will be fully decked out for the Christmas period.

In Thailand, majority of Christmas activities are restricted to schools only. Although Christmas is not recognised as a holiday in Thailand, Santa still makes a visit to all of the children. He can usually be spotted at various family-friendly events or in some of the bigger shopping centre. Santa’s helpers come in all shapes and sizes, with some areas seeing elephants dressed in Santa costumes delivering presents to children with their trunks!

A special meal will be enjoyed by the family in the evening, although the turkey and trimmings are likely to be swapped for a rice and curry dish. The Christmas dinners we know and love in England are not typically eaten on Christmas day in Thailand, however many restaurants and hotels will be serving them, particularly for the Western guests who may be on holiday there over the festive season.

How will you be celebrating Christmas this year?


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