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Is All Thai Food Spicy?

Something we hear a lot in Thai Terre is that when people are considering restaurants in East Sussex they dismiss Thai food because someone in the party doesn’t like spicy food, so we decided it was time to put to rest the myth that all Thai food is spicy.

There is a health benefit in eating spicy Thai food.  Spices in large quantities reduce intestinal bacteria and parasites, so in the tropics, people adopted spicy food and simply felt better.

Spicy food also increases blood circulation and it also helps regulate sweating, which keeps the body cool. Spicy food brings the blood from the core to the skin’s surface and dilates the capillaries in the skin, which helps us to sweat and expel the heat. Thai food is a blend of strong flavor’s giving sensations of spicy, sweet, salty and sour combinations complimented with many aromatic infusions.

Thai cuisine is born of a melting pot of different flavours and influences, including Chinese, Vietnamese, Malaysian, and even Indian and Persian. Thai cooking is about choosing a few strong flavours which complement and harmonise with one another to make something special. Key ingredients are rice or noodles of course, turmeric, coconut milk, lemon grass, spring onion, garlic and, if you want it, ginger and chilli, in combination with a wide variety of other spices, mushrooms, vegetables and meats.

Some of the dishes, such as Sweet and Sour Chicken, are not hot at all but still have all the character of traditional Thai cooking. If you are in any doubt, our menu has a picture of a chilli next to the hot dishes, or any of the staff would be happy to guide you.

One of the reasons that Thai Terre is among the best Thai restaurants in the area is that we cook all our dishes from scratch, using fresh locally sourced ingredients. This means that we can cook to your personal taste. For example, if you like the sound of our Singapore Fried Noodles or our Cashew Nut Stir Fry, but are worried about how hot it will be, let your waiter know when ordering and our chef can leave out most or all of the hot spice, to your taste.

That being said, there is plenty of non-spicy Thai food you can eat. Food that will still give you the ‘authentic Thai food’ experience you crave.

Basically, Khao Pat is nothing more complicated than fried rice that is stir-fried with egg, garlic, spring onions, and chicken broth. You can then add pork, beef or shrimp depending on what you prefer. It is usually served with cucumber slices and a lime wedge.

Pad See Ew is another simple Thai dish that won’t blow your head off when you take a bite.

Moo Ping, or grilled pork skewers, is just marinated pork on a stick that is barbecued and then served with either a spicy chilli sauce for dipping or you can just eat it the traditional Thai way with some sticky rice.

So, not all Thai food has to be spicy. Next time you’re wondering where to have dinner, don’t be put off by the thought of Thai!


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