What Are The Most Popular Thai Dishes?
    POSTED BY Thai Terre | October 28, 2017

    There are so many delicious Thai dishes available from Thai restaurants and takeaways, including our very own Thai Terre, that it can sometimes feel a little overwhelming when it comes to choosing something that is going to satisfy those hunger cravings of yours. Not because you might pick something that doesn’t taste so good (thanks to good quality produce and expert chefs, Thai Terre Eastbourne and Thai Terre Uckfield’s dishes are all delicious), but because everything is so mouth-watering you just don’t know where to start. So here are a few ideas on what the most popular Thai dishes are, and why – these might give you a head start when it comes to making that all-important decision.


    Tom Yum Goong

    Tom Yum Goong is well named! It really is yummy. Made with shrimp as the main ingredient, this clear soup incorporates lemongrass too. It’s the typical ‘hot and sour’ type of Thai dish, but it’s okay to ask for it mild if you prefer.


    Pad Thai

    The best translation for pad Thai is Thai stir-fried noodles, but that doesn’t even begin to describe how good this dish is! It can be a side dish, an accompaniment, or even eaten as a full meal; it all depends on how hungry you are! Pad Thai comes in either chicken, seafood, of vegetable version. There is a hint of sweetness to these noodles that really makes them rather moreish!


    Gung Choo Chee

    When you think of Thai food, you think of sour, sweet, hot, salty, and savoury, and gung choo chee has all of that – it is a staple of street food in Thailand, and is becoming more and more popular in the UK. It is a prawn curry, and although it sounds simple, its flavours are very complex.


    Geng Kheaw Wan Gai

    Here we have a lovely green chicken curry (and at Thai Terre we have it listed as ‘green curry’ on the menu to avoid confusion). Made with green peppers (hence the name), coconut milk, aubergine and much more, this is one of the spiciest dishes on the menu, so watch out if you’re not used to hot food! There are of course milder versions of Thai curries, so, depending on your tolerance levels, the choice is yours.


    Num Mun Hoy

    This is a supremely flavoursome oyster sauce based dish that comes complete with onions, peppers (red and green), carrots, spring onions, and mange tout. It is packed full of deliciousness, and can be served with any meat, although the most popular has to be beef – the world famous ‘beef in oyster sauce’ dish does take some beating!