Christmas Kitchen Décor Ideas to Bring the Festive Cheer
    POSTED BY Thai Terre | December 12, 2019

    Even though it’s known as the heart of the home, the kitchen is always one room in the home that becomes slightly neglected when it comes to the Christmas décor. Throughout the festive period, the kitchen is used non-stop, whether that’s to prepare some bucks fizz and snacks, or for cooking Christmas day dinner, you can guarantee that there will always be something happening in there. By giving your kitchen a Christmas makeover, you’ll instantly bring the festive cheer and brighten up your interiors for Christmas!

    Wonderful Wreaths

    When Christmas arrives, and we can finally get our gorgeous Christmas decorations down from the loft, you often find that the wreath on the front door is always the first decorative touch to add. Many people think that wreaths are designed for the front doors only, but that’s not the case at all! Wreaths are a beautiful touch to add to your home, whether that’s the kitchen doors, above your cooker or even hanging from your dresser. Wreaths are a beautiful way of creating a bold focal point within your interiors without having to make much change to the room at all, so they’re always a really good feature to include.

    Beautiful Baubles

    Whether you have a Christmas tree, some stylish twigs or some houseplants, baubles are always a must-have feature when it comes to Christmas décor. It doesn’t matter if your main tree is in the living areas, there are so many amazing ways in which you can add baubles to the kitchen without the fine branches with pine needles to hang them from. Invest in some command strips and you’ll be able to dangle your baubles from almost any part of your kitchen. Above the cooker hood, cupboard handles or knobs, windowsill plants, curtain rails, they’re all perfect locations for some bright baubles to hang from and brighten up the décor.

    Ceramic Christmas Trees

    Nothing says Christmas like a Christmas tree, but it’s not always practical to put a real one in your Kitchen. Instead, you can go for a mini version or a vintage ceramic Christmas tree which fits on most counter tops. These trees are really unique and come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colours and as you’ve probably guessed it, are made from ceramics. Besides being great at bring the Xmas cheer to your kitchen, they can be real collectors item too. If you take good care of them, they can last for generations!

    Delicate Lighting

    From fairy lights to candles, there are so many gorgeous ways in which you can light up your kitchen and add a really festive feel to the atmosphere. You often find that windows and countertops are the ideal spot for fairy lights, having them delicately draped across the surface to brighten up that area and enhance the room. By having fairy lights on high gloss kitchens counters you’ll notice the glow even more, which will really add to the Christmas spirit. Similarly, candles are perfect for bringing a subtle glow of candlelight to the room, without having to go too bright or too dull with the main lighting in the room. Candles are perfect for capturing that magical Christmas feel and will instantly add a warm feel to your kitchen.

    Seasonal Scents

    It’s not enough to have a bold Christmas tree filling your living areas with their beautiful scent, you also need a seasonal scent to flow through your kitchen. With so many delicious meals being prepped and cooked throughout the Christmas period, you often find that the kitchen can start to smell a little fusty, and introducing simple features like incense and candles will simply help to diffuse the food-like smells and add a really seasonal scent to the room. From Christmas scents like cinnamon, gingerbread and vanilla, to refreshing floral scents, you can find the perfect balance to create a gorgeous scent running throughout your interiors.