What is Best In Thai Cooking: Rice or Noodles?
    POSTED BY Thai Terre | June 30, 2017


    In terms of taste, there isn’t much to separate delicious rice or sumptuous noodles in Thai cuisine. Both – when done right – are the perfect accompaniment to a good, traditional, well-cooked Thai take away dish or a great meal served in Thai Terre East Dean.

    But which (if any) is better? Which one will work best for you?

    Well that depends on taste, and the texture that offers you the most enjoyable meal. Noodles tend to be softer than rice, which has a little more bite to it – for the most part, although this isn’t always so. If you prefer something a little more al dente then rice should work best for you. Otherwise, it’s noodles all the way. And of course, noodles tend to work as a meal all on their own (with the addition of vegetables, sauce, and perhaps some meat). Rice, however, needs to be added to other things.

    But generally, rice and noodles are a matter of what you prefer – there is not that much to choose between them.

    What, then, about health? Which out of rice or noodles is the healthiest to have with your Thai take away?

    Both rice and noodles are a source of carbohydrates, so for a low carb diet you probably want to stay away from both of these accompaniments. Luckily, a good Thai restaurant will have plenty of other choices, and you won’t be stuck when it comes to finding something delicious to eat. But if you are not restricted to the type of food you can eat, then it could all be down to the calories.

    Perhaps surprisingly, white rice contains fewer calories than noodles do – in 100 grams of noodles you will find around 400 calories compared to 300 calories in the same amount of rice. Of course, it will depend on what you have with your noodles or rice that will give you the total number of calories in your entire meal, but this is something to bear in mind.

    The great news is that Thai food is generally healthy stuff, packed full of lean meat, vegetables, and natural ingredients. So a few extra calories in your noodles won’t be the end of the world.