The benefits of eating Thai food
    POSTED BY Thai Terre | September 15, 2016

    It will come as no great surprise that, here at Thai Terre, we love Thai food. We love cooking it, we love serving it to our guests, we love eating it – why wouldn’t we? It tastes amazing! But did you know that eating Thai food is also really good for you?

    Lemongrass is often used as a flu remedy as it treats symptoms such as fevers and headaches, and can also have positive effects on stomach pain and arthritis.

    As well as smelling and tasting amazing, coconut milk, cream, and oil are believed to lower cholesterol, and have beneficial effects for diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. They also boost your immune system, and it’s even been claimed that coconut can slow the ageing process. Coconut oil can also be used externally to treat eczema or to give your skin and hair a beautiful shine.

    Chilli is believed to aid sleep, as well as helping stabilise blood insulin and glucose levels, which is good news if you are diabetic. Meanwhile, coriander can be used to treat a stomach ache or to aid digestion; ginger can be used to treat mental health problems and is a common treatment for nausea; while garlic can lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and some people even believe it is an aphrodisiac!

    Thai food is also naturally low in saturated fat and uses lots of fresh, crunchy vegetables which are bursting with vitamins. One of Thailand’s most famous dishes, Tom Yum soup, is even the subject of scientific research as a cancer treatment!

    Now, we’re not suggesting you should go for a meal out instead of visiting your doctor, but as a supplement to treatment-as-usual, we can think of worse health regimes!