About Us


Thai Terre has been trading in East Dean for the last 6 years and has acquired an impressive local reputation for the quality of food and service. 

At Thai Terre we use the best ingredients combined with traditional Thai recipes to create the exquisite food for which we are known. One of the benefits of our location, close to the shore, is that all our fish and seafood is sourced locally and its freshness really comes through in its flavour. Meanwhile, our meat and other produce are of the best quality available and purchased on a daily basis, using local and sustainable produce where possible.

Inside Thai Terre the décor is contemporary, with an Eastern twist, using earth tones and original Thai artwork and sculpture, gently lit, to create a soothing, exotic ambiance in which to enjoy your food. At the front of the restaurant, large windows look out onto the green allow plenty of natural light to enter the restaurant, while also enabling diners to enjoy their food while looking out at pleasant scenes of village life.

The pride that Somhong’s team take over their craft can be seen in the care taken over the beautifully presented dishes, but even more so can be tasted in the clean, aromatic flavours of Thai food at its best. But don’t just take our word for it – look at our impressive array of reviews on Trip Advisor >> !

And now we are in Uckfield too!!

We haven’t let a new restaurant dim our old one in any way, so you can expect either branch of Thai Terre to offer you superb Thai food in East Dean or Uckfield. With fresh, delicious ingredients – locally sourced where possible – and expert chefs who know exactly how to combine those ingredients to make perfect Thai dishes, using the right elements of spicy, hot, sour, and sweet, the quality of food served at Thai Terre is beyond compare.

But it’s more than just the food (although that is clearly a hugely important part of it). It’s the atmosphere too. And at Thai Terre in Uckfield, that atmosphere is just as good as you remember it from East Dean. If you’ve never visited us before, you’ll love how friendly and comfortable the place is. Our staff are well trained, but they are also innately lovely people, who are keen to make sure that you are having the best time at our restaurant. Just ask and, if it’s possible, we can do it for you.