A Thai Valentine
    POSTED BY Thai Terre | March 31, 2019

    Something that is universal, that is understood in every part of the world by every single person in some way, is love. Love has no judgements, no prejudices and no discrimination. Love is just love.

    In the month of February, we celebrate love in the UK which often involves giant over-sized cuddly toys, copious amounts of red roses, cars, chocolates and depending on your circumstances perhaps a meal out or a takeaway on the sofa with a loved one. But how do people in Thailand celebrate Valentines?

    What Happens in Thailand?

    There are many reasons to love Thailand and if you’re fortunate enough to be in Thailand for Valentine’s Day (‘Wan Valentine‘ in Thai), it’s easy enough to spot the signs all around that love is in the air. Teenagers on motorbikes clutch oversized cuddly toys, flower markets do a roaring trade, restaurants host special promotions and various venues are decorated with red hearts. And it’s all done with a distinctly Thai touch.

    So, it may fall on the same day worldwide, have the same ideas but each country, including Thailand will put their own touch on it.

    How do They Do It?

    Valentine’s Day In Thailand – a day of love and romance? This special day is not only a western tradition. Thailand is madly in love with all things Valentine’s. It starts early on the morning of February 14th when people make their way to the thousands of stalls which are filled with teddy bears, flowers and any type of romantic gift that you could ever imagine.

    The gifts are commonly left at your Valentine’s home, car or office to surprise them – so, adorable.

    Of course, like everywhere else around the world, Valentines in  Thailand is all about the food and eating delicious sweet treats and of course traditional Thai cuisines in restaurants and from street vendors.

    Valentines may be considered a “Western” holiday or tradition but in fact Thailand probably embraces it more than most countries around the world. They really understand what it means to show off your love for someone.