5 Top Thai Summer Dishes
    POSTED BY Thai Terre | May 23, 2019

    It cannot be denied any more… The sun is officially shining. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy some amazing Thai food throughout the summer. Thai cuisine is not just for winter but for all year round. Whether you like sweet, savoury, spicy or sticky there is a Thai dish sure to impress your friends and family over the summer season!

    We thought it would be a great idea to round up a few of our favourite recipes for you to try at home either in the kitchen or on the barbecue. BUT don’t forget, we’ll be open all summer long too, so if you don’t feel like cooking, you’ll be able to pop on down instead!

    Chicken Skewers with Satay Style Peanut Sauce

    Delicious chicken tenders, conveniently put on skewers for some easy dipping action and then an amazing satay style peanut butter dip to go with it – what’s not to love?! This super easy and healthy recipe comes from Savory Nothings and surely needs to be a staple at any barbecue this summer!

    Thai Summer Rolls with Peanut Sauce

    But what is the vegetarians fancy a something a little satay I hear you cry? Well don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. This delicious looking and very colourful recipe from Pinch of Yum would be perfect for a light evening meal or to pack in a lunch box for a meal on the go whatever the time of day and is packed full of goodness!

    Thai Iced Tea

    Well of course you’re going to want something cool and refreshing to wash it all down with so, how about some Thai Iced Tea?! This recipe from White on Rice Couple is a genuine, authentic Thai Tea recipe that will whisk you right off to Thailand in your own back garden whilst keeping you cool and refreshed too!

    Thai Grilled Chicken

    This sweet and spicy Thai Grilled Chicken has a real authentic Thai flavouring. Chicken thighs marinated in sweet chilli sauce, lemongrass and fish sauce and then grilled, gives you a dish you’ll be wanting more of. Perfect for on the barbecue or in the kitchen, this recipe from The Flavours of Kitchen is sure to be a big hit this summer! Let us know when it’s on and we’ll be right over!

    Rainbow Vegetarian Pad Thai

    What would a Thai meal be without a little Pad Thai. It is one of our most popular dishes and this rainbow recipe from Mommy’s Kitchen is simply screaming out to be eaten and enjoyed! Whether you enjoy it hot or leave it to cool down before enjoying like a salad, this will make a great dish at any meal time or popped in a box and taken to work! Great way to get lots of goodness into the kiddies too with the bright colours of this amazing dish.

    What delicious food will you be enjoying this summer?